Fibo introduce our new collection of kitchen splashback panels. Especially designed and engineered for quick and easy installation, these panels provide a stylish and hygienic solution in the kitchen.

Grout line is 1.8mm wide on KM tile designs and 3.2mm wide on K tile designs

Colours / Decors available

Letter denotes surface finish:

RU - Rustic S - Silk EM - Extra Matt STN - Stone HG - High Gloss

Grey Groutline - Grey Grout Line White Groutline - White Grout Line

Images and colours shown must be used as a guide only. Please see actual laminate samples before purchase.

Recipe for Style

Easy care and maintenance free, Fibo Kitchen Panels have a smooth and durable surface, resistant to splashes and temperature fluctuations and are simple to install with our Aqualock system. And with no messy grouting or cracking to trap bacteria, they help create a hygienic and safe environment where food can be prepared with complete peace of mind.

Renew your kitchen in a few hours with Fibo panels fitted in the area between worktop and wall cabinets.

The kitchen panels can be mounted directly onto battens or glued to existing screw fixed walls or tiles. Follow the simple installation instructions, included in the panel pack or downloadable from our website, and you will achieve a great result in no time which you will enjoy for years.

Shabby Chic 2898 - RU - K00
Shabby Chic - RU (2898-K00)

Cleaning tips: The panels are easily cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water and, for more stubborn stains, a general multi-purpose surface cleaner can be used. Never use abrasive cleaners or pads on the laminate as this will cause scratch marks or surface dullness.

Do not use steam cleaners on the panels

Fibo kitchen panels can be fitted adjacent to a gas hob if necessary but it is essential to check with the hob manufacturer regarding the minimum distance needed between the panel and the gas jets and we would suggest a gap of no less than 50mm. Failure to comply with the hob manufacturer recommendation may invalidate our product guarantee. We would recommend a glass or stainless steel panel behind gas cookers or hobs.

Fire Resistance: Fibo Kitchen panels are tested to NS-EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009. Fire Certificate: D-s1.d0